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Global Studies

Conflict & Cooperation
By Mr Zhuang Erjin

Earlier this year, our Year 2 girls simulated a United Nations session in Global Studies class. They took on the roles of different superheroes on the Avengers team, delegates of big countries like USA, and diplomats of small countries like Singapore as they tried to negotiate the terms of the Sokovia Accords. Listen to their speeches as they argue whether limitations should be placed on the Avengers to prevent them from causing widespread destruction like they have before. Will Tony Stark force Captain America to retire or will Captain America agree to supervision by the United Nations? Enjoy the lesson and leave your thoughts here:


World War II & Japanese Occupation
By Mr Gerald Chang

This micro-lesson on World War II and Japanese Occupation is an extension lesson that goes beyond what our students learn from the textbook. It engages our students to appreciate the lessons that we should learn from history and challenges them to develop historical empathy. Students will be looking at different sources and perspectives and to consider if the dropping of the atomic bomb by the Americans on Japan was justified. Students will learn that decisions made by certain parties in history might be a painful lesson but necessary. 

vl maths.png


Polygons in Tessellations
By Mrs Deborah Ong


This interactive and student-paced Mathematics Lesson, “Polygons in Tessellation” provides learners the opportunity to appreciate patterns and tessellations around them. Students will be guided to learn what regular polygons are and explore if all regular polygons can form regular tessellations. We hope that through this lesson, students will see and appreciate the connection between Mathematics and the environment they live in.