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Visual and Performing Arts

Reach for the HeArts

With our strong culture of arts appreciation in MGS, the arts is a platform by which we can reach out to the community with our artistic talents. We believe that the arts have the power to elevate the soul and warm the hearts of our audiences. 

Creativity and collaboration are the key tenets in how we work with our instructors to explore, develop and showcase our students’ artistic expressions. We often partner with industries in our Values-in-Action projects and contribute in significant ways.


Besides achieving excellence in the biennial SYF Arts Presentations, our performing arts groups regularly come together for combined concerts such as the Performing Arts Night or as part of the MGS Festival of the Arts. Our learning and exposure are often enhanced as we collaborate with students and others beyond the MG community for public concerts. 

Working with other schools for exchange programmes, combined camps and mentorship of talents plays a huge part in developing friendships and leadership. It is characteristic of what we do with and for others.

SYF String Ensemble #2.JPG

Strings as a CCA has nurtured us to become better musicians. We have connected not only musically but as a team through the many platforms to give back to society with our community performances.

Beyond that, our performing arts groups often seek to use their talents to be a blessing to others by being involved in inclusive concerts that support the Special Education Schools (SPED), voluntary welfare organisations and local charities. In partnering with these organisations, our students also make use of these opportunities to nurture their entrepreneurship spirit and give back to the society.

IDEAS has allowed me to hone my leadership and creative skills, as well as forge friendships with the rest of the club. It has become a place where I feel at home.

Not only do the arts add to the school’s character and identity, they enliven and bring vibrancy to our learning experiences. Whether at Founder’s Day, Open House or lunchtime performances at the canteen or Shaw Foundation stage, there are always plenty of opportunities to enjoy the offerings of our arts groups.

As we nurture creative confidence and personal mastery in our art forms, we envision our students expanding into greater levels of inspiring interest and connecting with the wider community through the arts.

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