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Learning Outside the Classroom

Do you want to explore what the fields of fintech, 3D imaging or data analytics offer to aspiring careers of the future, or do you wonder what it is like being a lawyer, restaurateur or architect?


How about helping to set up a school library, building a well or teaching children craftwork to benefit a village community?

This is all part of our unique Reality Outside Classrooms (ROCs) Programme, which grooms each MGS student as a global citizen, poised to make a positive social impact.

Cross-cultural competence is a key advantage in our increasingly global world and the ROCs Programme has imparted generations of MGS students with the ability to engage meaningfully in culturally diverse situations and glean insights from different perspectives. Our students develop invaluable skills, from crafting a business proposal to running a social enterprise alongside industry leaders.


At the same time, they learn to collaborate closely with peers and global partners throughout all 4 years of their time in MGS. The convergence of behavioural and cognitive competencies honed during local and overseas learning trips allows our students to adapt, thrive and excel in various cross-cultural contexts. Our students have embarked on service learning and cultural immersion trips to countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and China.

ROCs 3.jpg

The trip taught us that we can make an impact on people around us in different ways...

In addition, the Work Experience Programme offers an enticing array of options for Secondary 3 and Year 3 students to intern in an industry of their choice. It is a truly rewarding journey as our students gain an understanding of the ambiguities and complexities of real-world challenges and learn from experts to explore diverse solutions.

I have learnt how people-centered the healthcare industry is and the passion, respect and efficiency of all the staff has really inspired me. This work experience has really given me an insight into the operations of a polyclinic.

woodlands polyclinic1.jpg
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