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At MGS, our students experience a distinctive heritage that has nurtured generations of Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love since the school’s establishment in 1887.


The MGS education is a special one that equips our girls of today to be empowered leaders of tomorrow. As an institution that values the importance of joyful and purposeful learning and discovery, MGS cultivates and inspires girls to pursue their passions, build enduring relationships, nurture their unique gifts and stretch their potential.


With our enriching and rigorous curriculum facilitated by dedicated staff and an enabling environment, MGS girls are well-positioned to embrace the dynamic world of the future with finesse, confidence and compassion. The academic and co-curricular programmes are thoughtfully designed to engage young minds and hearts, spur creativity and hone qualities that will stand the MGS girl in good stead to navigate life with fortitude, resilience and adaptability. Our Christian culture grounds our girls in faith and hope to thrive and flourish with grace, strength and compassion to nobly run the race.


Throughout their formative years at MGS, our girls are anchored with strong values as they strive for mastery, grow in personhood, and serve with a generous and giving heart. The MGS education fosters a love for Singapore and the community and encourages our girls to contribute meaningfully and sensitively to society, always seeking to be a blessing to others. The MGS girl is imbued with a deep sense of agency, empathy and conviction to bring goodness and light for the betterment of the society and world around her. Our motto ‘To Master, To Grow, To Serve’ reflects our proud tradition of developing girls who make a positive impact wherever they go, in whatever they do, in the roles they take on in every phase of their lives.


The MGS girl belongs to a vibrant school community that seeks to ensure the well-being of each and every child. As we care for and guide our girls in their personal growth journey of being and becoming, we are supported by passionate stakeholders who work in close partnership with the school. This warm community tapestry envelops each girl with a sense of belonging to the school and is why MGS remains a cherished place in the hearts of all, including myself, who have been blessed to have passed through her gates.



Mrs Valarie Wilson

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