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Commendation Awards

MGS celebrates the annual Commendation Awards Ceremony to recognise pupils for their outstanding achievements in their CCAs and contributions to the school.

For Such A Time As This

Inspired by the book of Queen Esther in the bible, this modern re-telling is centered around May, an MGS girl, who would change the story of her life with the courage to speak up and act on what is right. The musical commemorates the 132nd year of the founding of MGS, and is in conjunction with Singapore’s Bicentennial.


Éclectique (french for eclectic) showcases a mixed and diverse repertoire of musical pieces by students from various levels. Even though the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic may appear to have changed everything, it does not deter us from sharing our passion and love for music.

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Achievements and Opportunities

Through our programmes, MGS offer unique opportunities to nurture our students' education experience.

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Many Good Stories

This special repository seeks to highlight good examples and positive stories about our MGS community in our school and beyond.